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Our quality obsession

With a 100% focus on delivering quality

we go to war with fast fashion and the

buy and throw away mentality!

The Reality Check: Trouble in Paradise

It was the perfect place for our honeymoon: One of the tiny dreamscape islands in an exotic country with fabulous, picturesque beaches, powder-white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. PARADISE ON EARTH! 

After a romantic stroll to the inland of the island, beyond the calm and idyllic tourist bungalows, we discovered the backside of heaven: A landfill where all the trash generated on the island ended up: Plastic bottles, beer cans, nylon fishing nets in heaps and more heaps. Tourism, globalization and a too rapid, non-sustainable growth of this place had caused extremely negative side effects. 

After reading up to see what happened to trash in places like that this was our wake up call to figure out what we could do to raise awareness and help people become more sustainable: Because everyone can make a change even if they don’t realize it.

Use and throw away, no thanks!

From our very start in 2016 we have been focusing on delivering organic and sustainable clothing of the highest quality. Our mission is to deliver garments that can be used for a long time without it losing its original qualities. Something that can be worn, washed, worn again, in a repeat loop and finally be handed over to the next child in line. 

With 32 billions of garments produced for the US market alone and where most of them end on a landfill* it is important to consume less and use each garment for as long as possible. Our entire planning and manufacturing process is based on finding the best organic and sustainable materials, enhancing them through organic processes, such as mechanical stretching, steaming, and pre-washing, and finally creating clothes using the most durable accessories. 

With the ability to wear clothes longer and then reselling or handing them over one garment can be used instead of multiple garments, which is also good value for your money.

* Source: ThredUp

What's so special about your garments? They're just clothes right?

Raspberry Republic indeed specializes in making clothes, however, our approach is to focus on all aspects of quality: we do believe in spending a little more but spending less in the long run as items could be used longer. We think that this is the way everyone needs to think in order to reduce waste and put Earth back on a sustainable track.

We use proven suppliers and partners to get consistent quality of the organic or sustainable fabric itself: we have tested tens of suppliers and have cherry-picked the ones that give us exactly what we want, time after time.

After picking the right fabric we then send it for preparation and printing. The raw fabric undergoes 14 different processes (some of them described in the image) before it is ready to use for our clothes.

After the fabric has been prepared and printed, we proceed with the last part of the process: the sewing. We use only a selection of trusted partners that are geographically close to us and frequently visit to ensure that our rigorous requirements are met every time and in the same way each time. 

Do I care who makes my clothes?

As a Polish brand we think that it is obvious for us to manufacture locally. With strong textile and fabric traditions going back to the 18th Century, Poland has a lot of skilled and amazing people in all areas of this industry.

Poland is also a member of the European Union, which guarantees strong employee rights and a solid safety net. All persons that prepare, print and make our clothes are adults that are legally hired, and with that comes health insurance, paid holiday and sick leave, plus a pension contribution.

Most of our partners are within a 200 km/125 mile radius from our office, which means that we can and do visit them frequently to check that the conditions that we require are met and that all employees are treated fairly.