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Who cares about quality

To us, quality is the number one focus in our business: we concentrate on searching for, testing and then implementing the materials that are best in test and most optimal for our customers. We then take these materials and refine them through a series of organic processes to strengthen them so that they can last as long as possible and be handed over from child to child, thus reducing consumption and unnecessary waste according to the Buy Better, Buy Less = Save the Planet mantra.

We also focus on providing the best quality of service to our retailers: Our goal is long term growth and that can only be done in a win-win relationship with our partners. We promise that our efforts do not end after you’ve placed your order with us: we work to achieve Customer Success and we are proud to report that most first-time clients stay with us for a very long time.

Actually, we are so confident that you will be positively surprised by the look, feel and wash of our clothes that we offer retailers free samples of our clothing and with it a satisfaction guarantee. Please see our Free Sample Application form on the bottom of this page to apply now!

Don't take our word for granted! Check what our stockists say!

Here is a small sample of testimonials from our retailers. If you’d like to get an introduction to one of our partners to hear more about how it is to work with Raspberry Republic, please send us an email!


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