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Alfie Atkins Capsule

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Alfie Atkins capsule

Welcome to the World of Alfie Atkins (Alfons Åberg), one of Scandinavia’s most beloved children’s book characters. We have prepared an official capsule collection based on his books where we donate 20% of the proceeding to support water purification projects in Western Africa.

get to know our hero

Who is Alfie?

Popular favorite

Books about Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins Swedish name) have been published in approximately 35 languages and in over 9,5 million copies worldwide. Some languages featured are Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew.

an ordinary boy

The Alfie books are about everything from everyday problems to life's great mysteries. The stories are psychological mini dramas set in every day life, often with magical elements.

alfie and raspberry republic

In an official cooperation with Bok-Makaren AB, the owner of the Alfie Atkins brand, Raspberry Republic has put this beloved childhood character on children's clothes and accessories.

Building wells in Africa

For the Alfie Atkins capsule collection we have teamed upp with Well Constructed, a registered charity that helps improving access to water in Ghana, Western Africa. We will donate 20% of the sales of the Alfie Atkins collection to Well Constructed to build wells in remote rural areas in Ghana.

While access to clean drinking water is something that most of us take for granted, only 27% of the population of Ghana has access to it. It is estimated that around 70% of all diseases in this country are caused by poor sanitation and unsafe water. The situation in the remote rural areas is usually even more dramatic. Often the closest well is several kilometers away and children have to spend time fetching water for their families instead of attending school.

Well Constructed is a charity that specializes in building simple wells. For around 2800 EUR, they can give between 250 and 1500 persons access to clean drinking water. Raspberry Republic will donate 20% of the sales of the Alfie Atkins capsule collection to build wells in Northern Ghana. The second objective of this project is to offset parts of the water used to cultivate cotton by investing in water projects in other parts of the World.